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Erasmus Day 2024-25:
24 Novembre 2023 ore 10:30 (su Teams)
Incontro illustrativo con i responsabili degli accordi Erasmus+ del Dipartimento di Filosofia “Piero Martinetti”, Prof. F. Minerva e Prof. G. Torrengo per le/gli studenti interessati a intraprendere un periodo di studi all’estero.

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Incontro Informativo Erasmus 24-25:
16 Febbraio 2024 ore 10:30 (su Teams)
Incontro informativo per l’uscita del bando per la selezione delle/gli studenti Erasmus 2024-25.

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Gli orali per le selezioni del bando Erasmus 2024-2025 (che esce l'8 febbraio) si terranno martedì 12 marzo 2024 a partire dalle 13:00 in Sala Lauree (Via Festa del Perdono,3)

Erasmus initiatives for the degree programme and the Department of Philosophy
Erasmus Traineeship. Incontro Informativo.

In occasione della prossima pubblicazione del bando Erasmus Traineeship I (modello “aperto”), i responsabili all'internazionalizzazione del Dipartimento di Filosofia terranno un incontro informativo sulle modalità di iscrizione e selezione. 

L'incontro si terrà il 14 Marzo 2024 alle h 16.00 sulla piattaforma Teams e verrà registrato.

Link alla registrazione dell'incontro del 14 marzo 2024

The Degree Programme in Philosophy places great importance on international student mobility as an opportunity for learning enhancement and promotes stay abroad experiences as part of our University mobility programmes.
The degree programme tutor for international student mobility promotes the active participation of students in the programmes offered and provides educational assistance to selected students.
The tutor follows all the phases of international student mobility:
- urges the active participation of students on all locations and for all languages, advertises the Erasmus agreements and introduces them in dedicated meetings
- after the selection, receives the students individually to discuss the Learning Agreements and provides assistance, via email, during their stay abroad, taking care of any changes. Reductions or extensions of the stay may be authorized for study, health, economic reasons.
The selection interviews are conducted by a special panel of professors from the Department.
Current international agreements are available at the following link:…
Erasmus and international mobility tutor 

Extra Erasmus/Extra-EU

International Mobility and Promotion Office

Information and appointments
Contact Center – InformaStudenti

Erasmus+ for Humanities students

Contacts, information meetings, selection interviews, and rankings for Humanities students interested in the Erasmus+ programme.

Studying abroad with Erasmus+

View the call for applications, deadlines and information on Erasmus+ programmes on the University portal: how to participate, Erasmus contributions, what to do before leaving, during your stay and after coming back.