The academic plan includes credits to be earned through workshops or other elective training activities. Each workshop awards 3 credits (CFU).

Please refer to the academic regulations for your year of enrolment for the number of credits to be earned. More specifically:

  • Those who enrolled as of academic year 2021-22 (new system) must earn 3 credits
  • Those who enrolled in academic year 2020-21 must earn 6 credits
  • Those who enrolled in previous academic years must earn 9 credits

The Philosophy programme includes philosophy, Italian-writing and language workshops.

Students wishing to attend a workshop and earn the corresponding credits must:

  1. pre-register/apply (depending on the type of workshop)
  2. register on the Unimi portal for credits to be recorded

Students who fail to register will not earn the 3 credits.

The workshops are held on the following days (check individual workshop programmes for specific dates):

  • Friday from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm
  • Saturday from 8 am to 12:30 pm

Some workshops are held online to facilitate student workers and those who cannot attend.
Please find below the list of online workshops for academic year 2021-22:

Philosophy workshops
Pre-register/apply for philosophy workshops

You are required to pre-register/apply for philosophy workshops.
For academic year 2021-22, you can pre-register during the following periods:

  • First semester: from 8pm on Tuesday 5 October to 8pm on Friday 8 October 
  • Second semester: from 8pm on Monday 31 January to 8pm on Friday 4 February

You can pre-register/apply through Agorà the online community of Philosophy students

The system verifies you are enrolled at least in the second year.
Take the test to make sure you can pre-register for a workshop
We suggest you 
renew your registration immediately  in order to avoid any delays due to personal data updates.

There are 30 places available per workshop, unless otherwise specified.
Each student can pre-register for one workshop only per semester.

The following workshops require a different pre-registration procedure:

Third-year or off-track students who could not register for a workshop and need 3 credits to graduate, please fill in this form. You will receive instructions to earn the 3 outstanding credits.


Tutors for workshops and other activities 
Bacin Stefano (surnames A-L)
Frigo Alberto (surnames M-Z)

Academic office of the Department of Philosophy

How to pre-register

Check how to pre-register in the workshop programme. Most educational workshops require pre-registration through Agorà, the Philosophy community platform.

For credits to be recorded, you will have to register on Unimia after the exam.

Registration and recording of credits

Workshops are part of the training programme. Students are required to attend workshops in order to sit the final exam.

Each degree programme sets its own application procedures.

Registration to workshops is required for academic credits to be recorded on transcript.

You can register from your Unimia page using the exam registration service (select exams, then other elective courses), within the deadlines:

  • for first-semester workshops, from 15 November to 3 December 2021 and from 10 to 29 January 2022;
  • for second-semester workshops, from 28 March to 30 April 2022 and from 10 May to 10 June 2022.

Please note that no registrations will be accepted outside these periods for the purposes of credit recording.

How to enrol

You can register for a workshop through the exam registration service

Workshop list

Gli studenti del precedente ordinamento (immatricolati dall.a.a. 2014/15 all'a.a.2020/21) hanno accesso agli stessi laboratori destinati al nuovo ordinamento.

Per tutti i laboratori che prevedono l'iscrizione in Agorà, vengono riservati:

  • 28 posti per gli studenti del nuovo ordinamento
  • 5 posti per gli studenti del precedente ordinamento
Shared module for all "Bibliographic research and writing of a philosophy scientific text" workshops

All workshops are structured as two modules:

  1. A 20-hour module in small-group setting on the workshop subject
  2. A 16-hour online asynchronous module on Bibliographic research and writing of a philosophy scientific text

Once the online module is completed, the student will be required to generate and download the pdf certificate with the code to be sent to the workshop conductor

Online module

Bibliographic research and writing of a philosophy scientific text

Workshops in prisons

Since 2016, as part of the Agreement with the Regional Board of the Penitentiary Administration, the University of Milan has been holding 20-hour teaching modules in the prisons of Opera, Bollate and San Vittore, attended by  outside students as well as detainees.

These modules and workshops are a unique learning opportunity for detainees, who cannot follow any lectures on campus, as well as a chance for personal and cultural growth for all students.

These are capped-admission workshops and modules  (max. 15 to 20 places), given entrance and occupancy restrictions. To join, pre-register following the instructions given in the programme (as a rule, you will be required to email the instructor or host). Once they have the final dates for the workshops, the instructor will contact you for confirmation.

You will easily identify these workshops by their name: "Pre-professional workshop in the ... prison".


Tutors for workshops and other activities 
Bacin Stefano (surnames A-L)
Frigo Alberto (surnames M-Z)

Academic office of the Department of Philosophy