Remote learning for non-attending and working students

Attending lectures is very important for the study of philosophy. That aside, in-person attendance allows students to truly live their university experience, to build relationships with their instructors and peers on a daily basis, to feel part of a community. However, this kind of experience is not for everybody, and for the most various reasons: some students work, others are caregivers, some have underlying health concerns. All these cases need to be addressed with the utmost attention. This is why the Academic Board of the Bachelor’s degree programme in Philosophy is committed to finding alternative solutions for all those students who, for one reason or another, are not able to attend lectures in person.

Since 2023-24, we have been implementing blended learning also with a view to avoiding the introduction of new online courses, which is subject to strict limits. Courses are generally delivered in person, but some of them are offered in blended mode, partly for internationalisation purposes and partly to facilitate the inclusion of students with special needs.

Courses that are offered only in person include a number of online classes and additional activities specifically designed for non-attending students.

If a course has too many participants, the Board can launch another edition of that same course in blended mode, primarily geared towards working students, caregivers and students with health concerns or special needs. The Academic Board also determines how and when students can choose their preferred edition of each course: instructions in this regard are provided well in advance, both in the programme description (Manifesto degli Studi) and on the programme website (with ad-hoc notices and within the syllabi). To make the most out of the course, we recommend choosing the course edition that best suits your expected availability, and to keep attending that edition for the whole semesterStudents who opt for blended learning courses will attend lectures via  MyAriel and TeamsStudents who opt for in-person courses will have to book their seat for each lecture they wish to attend, via the LezioniUnimi app. A download link for the app is available on the page  Orario delle lezioni.

Courses offered in blended mode in a. y. 2023-24

The Academic Board relies on the collaboration of the Faculty Development Office for the creation of training courses for instructors, and of CTU, the University Technology Centre, for the production and operation of online resources and virtual learning environments.