Why you should enrol

Studying philosophy at the University of Milan: the whats and whys

Programme structure and admission process

Preparing for the entry test (TOLC-SU)

If you want to be fully prepared for your entrance examination, we recommend checking the test syllabus and trying some online mock tests.

What to do if you scored less than 25 in your test

The 25-point threshold has been calculated by examining trends in the students’ performance over the last few years. Data have shown that students who obtain at least 25 points (not considering the English section) are more likely to pass exams and continue to their 2nd year, provided of course that they consistently apply themselves to their studies.

On the other hand, students who obtain less than 25 points in the test have more difficulties and struggle with their exams, most of all during the first semester.

Bear in mind that the Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy is challenging and will require you to spend quite some time on textbooks. If you have never committed to the study of at least one humanities subject, or you are not ready to do so in the near future, we strongly advise you to think twice before enrolling.

Introductory Brochure of the Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy